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“Want to adopt one of my feline buddies? Fill out the form, while I “purr” and watch you!”

Everything you need to know about adopting one of our Siberian cats or kittens will be shared with you AFTER you return your completed adoption questionnaire to us, which is located below. Our kittens are more than just their cost, and you should know!

Help us get to know you! Merlin (left) and Moe (right).

Help us get to know you! Merlin (left) and Coby (right).

SwameyTails Adoption Questionnaire
Welcome to SwameyTails Siberian Cats & Kittens…we thank you for your interest in the Siberian Breed. This is the beginning of your journey to find your “purr-fect” kitten and allow us to find the “purr-fect” home for our kitten. Simply copy this form into your word processing program, fill it out, and attach it to an email back to us. Again, thank you for your interest in SwameyTails Siberians.
Zip Code:
If you rent, do you have your landlord’s permission to have a feline?
Telephone numbers:
Best email Addresses:
What are you looking for in a kitten/adult cat?
Why a Siberian?
How many kittens are you interested in adopting? Siberians are better adopted in pairs, please keep this in mind.
Do you have any special gender, color, and marking preferences?
Are you flexible on any of the above preferences?
Do you think you may want to show your kitten?
Does anyone in your family suffer from cat allergies? If so, how serious?
We take allergy adoptions seriously. Are all family members willing to take the steps necessary to reduce the chances of them reacting to your kitten, such as proper diet and litter, and any other suggestions we may make to assist in preventing an allergic reaction?
Please tell us what you would do if you adopt a kitten and as it grows up someone in your household develops an allergy?
Do you have previous experience caring for a cat?
Are there any other pets in your household? Is so, please tell us what breeds?
Are there any family members at home during the day? If not, you may want to consider adopting two kittens so they have company, these cats are very social, and need stimulation. They will miss you while you are away.
Do you have children? If so, what are their ages?
How did you find SwameyTails Siberians? If it was an Internet search, please describe in detail.
Thank you very much for taking the time to fill this out
Have a “purr-fect” day!
Jessie & Bill
Lance, the allergic one showing off his 2 Siberians, Jezebelle & Piper!

Lance, the allergic one showing off his 2 Siberians, Jezebelle & Piper!