Willow DOB 5/27/12

Willow is FeLV and FIV negative as of 2/2017. Her echocardiogram screening for HCM on 12/7/13 came back negative.

Three sisters, Harlo top left, Willow top right, and Echo hanging low.

Meet Inspurrations Willow of SwameyTails our newest Princess-In-Waiting. Born 5/27/12 to ShadowLawn Boris of Inspurrations and Miakochka Keli of SwameyTails…see her parents pictures at the end of this page. She is litter sister to our Inspurrations Echo of SwameyTails and sister of a different litter to Inspurrations Harlo of SwameyTails. As a Black McTorbie Willow has a gorgeous, richly colored coat with an appealing pattern. Brave, interactive, and nurturing, she is a joy to be around! We are very thankful to Jackie, our mentor breeder, at www.inspurrations.com for this breeding this very sweet girl. You can view Willow’s pedigree here http://www.pawpeds.com/db/?a=p&id=1172765&g=5&p=sib&date=iso&o=ajgrep .

Wonderful wooly Willow at 8 months old.

Willow at 7.5 months old.

Willow’s first snow December 2012.

4.5 months old Willow, just waking up from a snooze.

Pardon our dust, we are working on the floors! Here is Willow at 4.5 months old.

Pretty Willow!

Willow at 4 months after naptime and a ear cleaning from fellow kitty…My, what long ear fur you have Willow!


Willow’s momma cat…

Miakoschka Keli of Inspurrations…Willow’s momma cat.

Willow’s daddy cat…

Shadowlawn Boris of Inspurrations – Willow’s Black Siberian daddy cat