Echo DOB 5/27/12

Echo born 5/27/12 to Shadowlawn Boris of Inspurrations and Miakochka Keli of Inspurrations will be retiring and seeking her forever home in November 2017. Do you have the heart and home for this available, adoring, playful, adult Siberian female? As a black McTorbie Echo has an exotic and wild looking coat with a colorful, eye catching pattern. Echo is reserved, but will warm up with the right massage technique. She is playful and fast once she is comfortable around you. Echo prefers females, but is not fond of young, preteen kids or canine buddies. She is studious, aware of her surroundings, and sensitive. Gorgeous Echo is a sight to behold! We are very thankful for all the wonderful kittens she has shared with us, and she will share her love with you if you are the patient and kind human(s) for her. You can view Echo’s pedigree here .

4.5 years old…

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Echo, snoozing sitter.

Three sisters, Harlo top left, Willow top right, and Echo hanging low.

Echo is FeLV and FIV negative as of 1/30/13. Her echocardiogram screening for HCM on 12/7/13 came back negative.

Echo touching snow for the first time December 2012…Willow is watching (on left), and TrioBandito is supervising (from background).

4.5 months old Echo, on the right, sleeping with Dmitri who is 3.5 months old Dmitri is one of Harlo’s kittens.

Sleeping Beauty, Echo @ 4 months old.

Yawning Echo at 4 months old, with litter sister Willow and kitty buddy Dmitri.

Echo’s momma cat…

Miakoschka Keli of Inspurrations…Echo’s momma cat.

Echo’s daddy cat…

Shadowlawn Boris of Inspurrations – Echo’s Black Siberian daddy cat